When you buy barcodes for products you will be asked to provide a company name at checkout. This name will appear on the GTIN Assignment Certificate as the legal owner of the GTIN sequence (your barcode numbers). Please enter your company name at this point. If you don’t have a company, please enter your full name.


GTIN Assignment Certificate section at checkout 1


What is a GTIN Assignment Certificate?

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A GTIN Assignment Certificate is a document issued by Amazon Barcodes that confirms that a set of retail barcode numbers has been assigned to a customer.

This certificate serves as proof that the customer has the right to use the assigned barcodes on their products for sale in the retail market.

The certificate includes details such as the customer’s name, the barcode numbers assigned, and the date of assignment. It is an important document for businesses that use barcodes on their products, as it verifies the authenticity of the barcodes and helps to ensure that they will be accepted by retailers.